Chinese People

I just finished the trip to Guilin and Guangzhou. Though it was so hard for me as I took the train more than 25 hours and got serious allegy, the trip to China on holidays was precious and interesting. I was so lucky that I met lots of good people and they gave me price-less things.

The Xizhang man who speaks Mandarin very well sold the world’s most delicious stick-meat.(I guarantee!)

The high and Low road. What is your flavour?

1,300,000,000. Many, seriously quite many.

Guess how much this hand-made awesome noodle? Just 2 RMB! less than 15 US cents.

Hey what are you looking for?

The marketing in the life.

Can you find me? Why do you guys take holidays?

The fabulous Erhu(Chinese traditional guitar) player. He was unfortunatley the blind but his silk was shining.

Pray and Check it out again.

How are my boys??

You want to play with me? Zhangzu(the minorities in China)’s traditional playing.

I just came back from the school mom!

Singing on the boat!

The legend, Liusanjie who is the most famous folk music entertainer! saw her performance luckily.

They played the performance around crowded boys girls. The story was about the corrupted officials and love.

Unbelievable performace by young brothers. me and brothers.

The transmission from mom to son. Simply love!

Happy or unhappy, that is the question!

They all live together!

Girl, what makes you that happy??

The chicken guy sold me candies.