Tibet people

Tibet journey with my family. 39 celcious fever did not close my eyes during the journey.

The first amazing story is about Tibet people.

The first keyword to explain Tibet people is Buddism. One old Buddhist prays in front of Potala Palace(布达拉宫).

The way of pray is quite ‘devoted’.

Buddism, as religion, is the big component of their devout life ahead.

Monks undergo ascetic exercises through quite tough debates at Sera monastry.

However they are also human beings. Monks are smiling all the time.

Sometimes they wear fancy shoes.

They even use cool phones. It is an iphone! 😉

Under the one belief, they all live together with a harmony.

Policemen are just wondering around.

Most of Tibet people just live a normal life.

They keep smiling when camera eyes on them.

They stay focused on what they are wearing.

They also have a happy event for congratulation.

No boundary between locals and tourists.

Perpetual snow cannot break their love.

Just like his father. I love their eyes.

Just like her mother.

I fancy his smile.

I really love his smile.

Fruit-seller boy at Shigatse, 4 hours driving from Lasa, looks more westernized.


My personal best shot at Drepung Monastery.

Good bye Tibet people! With love.