How Twitter gets popular.

Recently Korean media, IDG asked readers who the micro-blogging winner in Korea was.

트위터 vs 미투데이, 국내 시장의 승자는 누구? (In Korean)

Based on the web site traffic, The winner was Me2day, now the part of Korean portal giant, NHN. IDG indicated the success factor was (1)its localized service and (2)NHN’s huge promotion.

IDG, however, missed the point. Twitter has more ‘by all means’ users than ‘’ url typers. Yongmann Park, the famous chairperson of  Doosan group, uses iphone application to tweet. Juha Kim, the former anchor & now the reporter, tweets through Tweekdeck application. I, though not a famous boy, connect facebook, now more likely to be a platform, with twitter. By the openness of twitter, it has more uncountable users.

Not only various means, but also 140 characteristics help twitter dominate the communication market. Most of people are more likely to be consumers of media, however at twitter, most are producers.  They fancy talking.  They do not feel any pressure to make using rich contents or need not to understand the internet language. The only advanced technology to use at twitter is 20 years old hyperlink to link the web page. Twitter is simple and easy to use, as same as old-fashioned SMS still being popular.

Twitter users only say one or two sentences by themselves. Sentences collectively make a beautiful story by # keywords. Search ‘iphone’ or ‘Kobe Bryant’ at twitter if you cannot trust my words. Free stories excluding server costs make twitter the real wiki-media, also influential. Traditional media with a little reporters cannot catch up with it when speed needed.

I cannot wait till the expansion of twitter, the next model.