Today on the way jogging, I met a housekeeping lady on the first floor at the apartment. Thanks to her sweeping, I was saying hello to her and smiling. Soon I realized it was nearly 05:30 AM, definitely too early for an office hour. Asking why she was there at an not appropriate moment, I was just glancing at her. Her response made me more doubtful, even think she was checking empty rooms for filching. Surprisingly it was ‘her holiday’. She added some comments, “Sorry for your inconvienince. I am just sweeping a gate, skipping wiping.”

I am not saying working on the holiday does sound a good idea, but pointing out her attitude in the view of her clients. She protected the minimum quality of her product and did not at least make her clients feel any absence of herself during vacation. She makes everything go well. This is professionalism. Morning lesson from my housekeeper.