Beautiful Bern Valley (아름다운 베르네)

Beautiful Bern Valley(아름다운 베르네). I was dreaming about the land with the lyrics since I was a baby in Korea, South. It was simply more than my imagination.IMG_4720
Hello, lad? Actually the city Bern comes from bear (German Bär, 곰). In Bear Pits & Park, which is not far from the river, the legend bear easily could be seen.
The city seemed like the perfect place for old wealthy. Atmostphere is peaceful and air is amazingly clean. At least no house music on the street.IMG_4769 
The reason why I love Europeans, though Swiss is not member of EU. They simply are well off.IMG_4781
Even the bird, really looks like the one in Korea, was enjoying the sunshine.
I felt like communicating with 10C people. Buildings and roads were hilarious and I believe my grandkids will feel like just same as mine.
Wanna-be. Grey hair, black shirt, Canon camera and the perfect place.
However be cautious! Sometimes they are enjoying to eat babies. Miss you the city.