QingZhang train (Tibet train through Qinghai)

The last story about Tibet now begins.

This is the ticket to the sky. The train is named as QingZhang train as it goes through tibet(Xi‘zhang’), ‘Qing’hai.

The train starts above 3,700m. It also passes Gansu, Ningxia and Shanxi. You can experience 5 states at once.

Here comes dawn in Lhasa station. The train passes Quna Lake in Qinghai.

Look down and realize what the paradise is.

It stops at Lanzhou, where the nuclear center is located.

It goes around the corner.

Every single corner has a quality.

The sun gets enter the lake.

Buddha just found something.

At Xining station, cooks got out of the restaurant train.

This is the legendary train comes from Lhasa to Beijing, across the big China.

The world is still worth to live with .

With creatures.

Sweet dream Tibet!